We're known for working together as a community.

How You Can Help

Support for this project has been outstanding from the start. Numerous individuals, families, businesses, and organizations have stepped up to the plate and made significant financial contributions to the project. We have also been fortunate to receive several grants from various programs and foundations including:

  • Warren Timmerman Trust
  • Gilbert & Barbara Renze Charitable Trust
  • Community Foundation of Carroll County
  • Iowa West Foundation
  • Vision Iowa Community Attraction & Tourism Program

The original goal for the project was $1.4 million, but current projects put the total cost closer to $1.625 million. We are well on the way to reaching the final goal, and the City has put the necessary financing in place to continue construction while the final fundraising effort continues. Continued pledges and contributions are welcome, and there are many several options for pledges to be made over time periods of up to five years. Pledge sheets are available for download below. In addition, we have developed an ongoing Memorial Program. This is an opportunity for individuals and families to provide a contribution to either the initial project or the ongoing maintenance of the facility in memory of those loved ones who have passed but had ties to the Templeton community. Memorial Program forms are also available for download below.

Download Project Brochure »
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If you would like more information on making a gift or a memorial to this exciting project, please contact:

Ken Behrens, Mayor of Templeton
Phone: 712-790-3400
Email: kbehrens@netins.net