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Templeton, Iowa 51463

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The City of Templeton acquired the former Sacred Heart School in Templeton in July 2012, and work is now underway to remodel and transform the facility into the new "Templeton Center". The school was originally built in 1963 and closed in 2003 when the Holy Trinity School system was merged into the Kuemper Catholic School system. The building has been used for many community functions over the years, but an exciting project is now underway to repurpose the facility into a fully-functioning community center.

A Unique Opportunity

The need for a community center in Templeton was long-discussed, and many possibilities and options were explored over the last 30 or so years. After the school closed in 2003, a great opportunity presented itself to transform a local landmark into a spacious, multi-purpose gathering and recreation facility that will be the envy of west central Iowa. The school is well-built, sound, and has a favorable layout that, with the right updates and modifications, can be transformed into a premier facility to serve the community for generations to come. The Templeton Center will also provide opportunities to bring more people to Templeton and become a catalyst for continued future growth.

The renovated facility will have all the features of a true community center plus more. The signature aspect is the new banquet hall that is being transformed from the former classroom and office areas, which will seat nearly 450. The entire building will be updated and modernized and once completed in 2014, the facility will be capable of hosting numerous types of events including weddings, conferences, banquets, and athletic events.

This has been a very ambitious project, but Templeton is known for its determination. This project is important and worthwhile. Templeton is growing, the future is bright, and this project is an investment in our future. Since we began fundraising in June of 2012, we have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support of the numerous individuals, families, businesses, and organizations that have committed to funding this great project. We are well on our way towards reaching our goal, but we still need a little help to close the final gap and complete the final phases of the project. Please take a few moments to tour this site and learn more about the project. If you would like to help, please click here.


Peggy Weitl Telephone #844-669-3343 or Cell Phone #712-830-9061 Email: tcmanager@outlook.com
Karen Prebeck Telephone #712-830-1605 Email: tcassistantmgr@outlook.com

Planning Committee

Capital Campaign Chairpersons
Dave & Carol Friedman Gary & Charlene Rupiper
Campaign Treasurers
Tom & Teresa Horbach
Committee Members
Mark Bauer Glen Irlbeck
Joe Behrens Dave Klocke
Ken Behrens Bill Prebeck
Chris Danner Karen Prebeck
Doyle Engelen Dave Schoeppner
Don Irlbeck Pat Snyder

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