The area around what is now Templeton first saw settlers in the 1860's, and the first Post Office in the area was established at Elba in 1872. Elba was located approximately one mile southeast of Templeton, and quickly became a memory as Templeton was platted during the construction of the Chicago, Milwaukee, and Pacific Railroad line in 1882. Like many communities started along new rail lines in the 1880's, Templeton quickly grew as people began to settle the rich Iowa prairie. Templeton got off to a strong start because of the strength and vigor of the early merchants who set up shop in the community.

Templeton's history is strongly rooted in its farming heritage. Most of the businesses in the community have always been focused on serving the agricultural producers in the area, and that continues to be true today. Of particular interest is the story of Templeton Rye, which was produced in the area during prohibition and came about as area farmers and businesspeople looked for a way to support their families during hard times. Recently, Templeton Rye was resurrected as a legal product, and the Templeton Rye Distillery is a popular tourist stop in Templeton in addition to being a strong contributor to the local economy.

In 1982, Templeton celebrated its Centennial (100 years) with a grand 3-day event, and 125 years of existence was highlighted during the town's Quasquicentennial in 2007. As part of these events, a comprehensive history of Templeton was assembled into two books including "A Century of Memories" in 1982 and "Beyond a Century" in 2007. Both of these books can be purchased by contacting City Hall in Templeton.


Census Populations 1885-2010

Year Population
1885 219
1890 269
1900 321
1910 278
1920 373
1930 428
1940 390
1950 385
1960 354
1970 312
1980 318
1990 321
2000 334
2010 362


Mayors of Templeton 1882-Present

Name Years Served
Wm. Overmire 1882-1884
Conrad Meis 1884-1886
F.M. Wilson 1886-1891
Peter Neu 1891-1893
F.M. Wilson 1893-1895
Thomas B. Wolfe 1895-1896
Peter Neu 1896-1897
W.L. Ekstrom 1897-1898
T.C. Wolfe 1898-1899
R.L. Wolfe 1899-1900
Henry Windisch 1900-1902
George Bierl 1902-1910
Frank Schnitter 1910-1916
Louis N. Ritten 1916-1922
John Bierl 1922-1928
Dr. Otis P. Morganthaler 1928-1942
John Bock 1942-1944
Mike Macke 1944-1946
Theodore Schoeppner 1946-1950
Lambert J. Greteman 1950-1971
Ervin Kuhl 1971-1972
Raymond Nepple 1972-1976
E. Paul Stecklein 1976-1979
Eugene Meiners 1980-2000
Ken F. Behrens 2001-Present